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Tokuo Sato

Satoru Kobayashi
Senior Managing Director

The message of the Chairman and President

We Tokai Seimitsu Kogyo Co Ltd (TSK) was established newly as watches assembling and the manufacture position of LCD in 1977 due to the "SEIKO watches" production expansion of Iida Tokei Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
It is reputed in the foundation spirit "Wisdom and action are concentrated, and the product which can get customers satisfaction is made, and it contributes to the society widely".
It is succeeded to even at present as a "management ideology" of TSK, and it is today's foundation.
The capital of Seiko Instruments Inc. participated in 1986.Then, LCD which coped with customers needs with the technology of both companies and the know-how is developed, and it is being supplied to the market.
TSK has more expensive evaluation than the big enterprises manufacturer in Japan and America ・Europe. With the approach of the 21st century, in the world of borderless, it begins from watches assembling, the reliable technology is further made to bloom with LCD.
The effort of showing the true value which is never ending is continued.

Company Profile

Established June 1977
Board of
Executive chairman
Hisao Iida
Tokuo Sato
Senior Managing Director
Satoru Kobayashi
Noboru Tsuchiya
Yoshiaki Kondo
Kiichirou Konno
Keiichi Iida

As of December, 2017

Capital ¥38.45 Millions
[Stockholders:Seiko Instruments Inc./ IIDA TOKEI KOGYO CO.,LTD.]
Number of (Simple substance) 50
(Linking) 400
As of March 31, 2021
Head Office & Tokyo Office 2-21-2-518, Minamiyawata, Ichikawa-shi,Chiba272-0023, Japan
TEL:81-47-377-3777 FAX:81-47-377-3778
Iwate Plant 11-22, Aza-Kawanukai,Setamai,Sumita-cho, Kesengun,, Iwate029-2311, Japan
TEL:81-192-47-3182 FAX:81-192-47-3187
Products Liquid Crystal Display

Head Office & Tokyo Office

Iwate Plant

Management philosophy

Tokai Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. started making watches, blooming the liquid crystal panel with its reliable technology, "We combine the wisdom and action power of all employees, create products that can satisfy our customers, contribute widely to society.
That is our wishes.
And we will achieve growth and development towards that realization.

The"watch" is expressed in all, and "L" shows the initial of LCD.
"Blue" is the enterprise color of the TSK group. Peace and faith are shown.
"Green" shows harmony and an environment.
"Yellow" expresses intelligence and a curiosity. Then, there is meaning that it moves more forward.

With the approach of the 21st century, the "management ideology"of TSK group was symbolized.
It begins from the watches manufacture, and LCD is made to bloom with the reliable technology, and it is the wish of TSK group as for contributing to the society widely.
We will use this emblem for the foreign medium all from now on.Then, the "management ideology" of the TSK group is made to permeate society widely.


1977 TSK was established by the investment of IIDA TOKEI KOGYO CO.,LTD.
Start manufacturing of "SEIKO watches".
Start attaching the polarizers on LCD.
1978 Start manufacturing LCD cells.
1986 The capital of Seiko Instruments Inc. participated.
1993 By introducing the patterning line, it becomes an integrated production line system.
1994 Start LCD with metal.
1995 Start STN mode LCD.
TPLEC PRECITION (H.K.)CO.,LTD.was established by the investment of TSK.
1996 The operating start of the TPH-SAILAI factory.
2003 SAILAI factory moved to HUANG TIAN factory by China production enlargement.
The operating start of the HUANG TIAN factory.
2004 TOKYO OFFICE opens.
HUANG TIAN factory introduced former process equipments.
2006 Acquired certification of the international standard "ISO 9001" of quality system at the HUANG TIAN factory.
2008 Acquired certification of international standard "ISO 14001" of environmental management system at the HUANG TIAN factory.
2010 Changed its firm name to Iwate Plant.
2011 Our lwate plant was destroyed completely by great earthquake and tunami disaster on 11th of March.
2012 TOKAI SEIMITSU DENSHI(SHEN ZHEN) CO.,LTD.was established by the investment of TPH.
2015 Relocating Iwate Plant to Sumita-town, lwate(present address).
Constructing a new plant in Iwate pref.
Iwate Plant introduced former process equipments.
Start a new patterning production in Iwate plant
2016 Established TOKAI DENSHI PHILIPPINES INC. in Philippines.
2020 TOKAI SEIMITSU DENSHI(SHEN ZHEN) CO.,LTD. was closed and production was transferred to TOKAI DENSHI PHILIPPINES INC.
2021 Established TOKAI SEIMITSU BOEKI(SHEN ZHEN)LTD. in Shenzhen, China.

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