Environmental activities


Environmental philosophy

Tokai Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. deeply considers the fact that this project has an environmental impact on the region / the Earth and that the conservation of the global environment is the most important issue common to humankind and consideration for preservation of the global environment Promote business activities that always keep in mind.

Environmental policy

  1. We carry out our activity and a product recognizes influence to give environment and technical establish environment purpose, an aim economically as far as it is possible .
    and carry out environmental conservation activity
  2. We observe laws and ordinances, the regulations about the environment and the requirements of the interested party whom we accepted and establish an independence standard as far as it is possible and plan the prevention of the environmental pollution.
  3. We plan continuous improvement of the environmental management system by reviewing a purpose, an aim regularly.
  4. We will address the following items to continuously reduce the environmental burden.
    (1) Promotion of the energy saving.
    (2) Reduction of the waste.
    (3) Promotion of the recycling.
  5. We maintain this "environmental policy" and publicize it to all employees by a notice and education in a factory to carry it out. In addition, we show it outside the company through a website..